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To organize and uphold your online events in full 3D in WEB

Expo was
closed or cancelled?
Virtual expo is an event that
can't be cancelled
Losing lots of time and efforts
for logistics?
Expo is avaliable from any point of the world.
Transport is not a problem.
Old formats don't satisfy
your needs?
Zoom and conventionall websites won't solve your problems.
We will!

The Virtual

Your Expo withoutany restrictions and limitations

24/7 access without waiting

We will make your product shine

Any form and material can be rendered in 3D

We provide effective communication

On-line Chats, Video-calls. Chat bots and Smart search

We collect and classify data of all the users

You get the data of user behavior, booths visited and actions performed

New partners in a new format

Online communication with your clients and colleagues

Personal recommendations

IRecommendations on user route at the expo are generated automatically

Vim3Dexpo will provide you with

Participate in various exhibitions, forums and other events. It is suitable for integration with the website, and can also serve as a full-fledged replacement for the company's website.

3D Individual design showroom

Unique design will provide your company with a personal style that will increase brand recognition and make your booth a point to recognize on the expo.

Connecting your expo to a website

Virtual expo or a virtual booth can be integrated with your website furthermore increasing the conversion and providing enhanced user experience.

Individual order

Individual design of your pavilion can implemental most any of your idea in a 3D space. The pavilion can be of any form, size or complection. We guarantee maximal detailing and realizm.

Our projects

Virtual expo
in many different areas of business

Our clients

We highly value each of our clients

About the company

Immergity is an expert in creation of software for interior design autimation and VR technologies for space optimization. Company mission is to provide our business partners with services to significantly increase the conversion from their web sites and web projects as well as to enhance their user experience. We have implemented over 40 large projects with major expo organizers on Russia. Our team has over 15 yeas of expertiese in design and development of IT solutions and VR games.

Company is a resident of Skolkovo and has won the awards of BuildUp 2019, ProTech 2020 and others.

Our contacts

Our phones

+7 985 138-00-47 Elena Khlapina

our address

Varshavskoe shosse, 1c, 15
W-Plaza 1 Business Center